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Jos Z. Caldern

Intersectional Solidarity

"I beg your pardon, Colonel. I was"Professor Jos Z. Caldern co-authors paper on cross-movement organizing

Pitzer College Admission

No SATs or ACTs for PZ

THE Deacon was repaid seventyfold by Si's and Shorty's enjoyment of the stew he had prepared for them, and the extraordinary good it had seemed to do them as they lay wounded in the hospital at Chattanooga, to which place the Deacon had gone as soon as he learned that Si was hurt in the battle.Pitzer adopts a test-blind admission policy for at least three years

Associate Professor of Neuroscience Melissa Coleman

How Bird Duos Create Dovetailing Duets

"Well, Lieutenant, you'll have to take command of the regiment. I had a personal altercation with that Mississippi Colonel lying over there, and he put a bullet through my thigh. Get the men together, pick up our wounded, and fall back to the top of the hill again.""I'm goin' to trust you," said the Deacon, stirring up the savory mess, ladling out a generous cupful, adding a drumstick, and covering the cup with a piece of paper. "Now, carry it carefully. Every drop's worth its weight in gold."Keck Professor Melissa Coleman explores the neuroscience behind coordinated birdsong

Professor Suyapa Portillo Villeda

Immigration Speech Stirs Debate

Deserted by the Prussians, the French retired with precipitation to Prague, where they were followed by the Austrian army under Prince Charles of Lorraine and Prince Lobkowitz. Soon after the Grand Duke of Tuscany took the principal command, and the French offered to capitulate on condition that they might march away with their arms and baggage. This was refused; but Marshal Belleisle stole out of Prague in December, and, giving Lobkowitz the slip, made for the mountains with fourteen thousand men and thirty pieces of artillery. Belleisle[82] displayed unwearied activity in protecting his men and baggage from the harassing pursuit of Lobkowitz. Notwithstanding this his men perished in great numbers from famine and the severity of the season. They had been reduced to eat horseflesh before leaving Prague, and now they fell exhausted in the deep snows, and were mercilessly butchered by the Austrian irregulars and peasantry. On the 29th of December he reached Eger, and from that point marched into Alsace without further molestation; but he then found that of the thirty-five thousand troops which he took into Germany, only eight thousand remained. Though this retreat was celebrated as one of the most remarkable in history, the Marshal, on reaching Versailles, was received with great coldness.Professor Suyapa Portillo Villeda ’96 quoted in LA Times about US Vice President’s message to Central Americans

Yep and Espinoza

A Legacy of Exclusion and Detention

Deer Sol: put yore thinkin' cap on, and understand just whatOther girls were there with their fathers and mothers who had brothers who had been in the three months' service, or were now in three years regiments, or who had been discharged on account of disability, or who had been in this battle or that, but none of them a brother who had distinguished himself in the terrible battle about which everybody was now talking, who had helped capture a rebel flag, who had been wounded almost to death, who had been reported dead, and who was now coming home, a still living evidence of all this. No boy who had gone from Bean Blossom Creek neighborhood had made the figure in the public eye that Si had, and Maria was not the girl to hide the light of his achievements under a bushel. She was genially fraternal with those girls who had brothers still in the service, affable to those whose brothers had been in, but were now, for any reason, out, but only distantly civil to those whose brothers had not enlisted. Of these last was Arabella Widgeon, whose father had been one of the earliest immigrants to the Wabash, and was somewhat inclined to boast of his Old Virginia family. He owned a larger farm than the Deacon's, and Arabella, who was a large, showy girl, a year or two older than Maria, had been her schoolmate, and, Maria thought, disposed to "put on airs" over her. Arabella's brother Randolph was older than Si, but had chosen to continue his studies at Indianapolis rather than engage in "a war to free the niggers." But Arabella had developed an interest in the war since she had met some engaging young gentlemen who had come through the neighborhood on recruiting duty, and was keeping up a fitful correspondence with two or three of them.Read Pitzer Prof. Kathy Yep and staff member Summer Espinoza’s LA Times op-ed, “Migrant children are being sheltered at Pomonas Fairplex. Its not the first time the fairgrounds has housed detainees”

Devon Hartman '77

Solar Powering the Economy

"And you've got a son in one of the regiments?"Alumnus Devon Hartman ’77 launches world’s first nonprofit solar panel assembly factory

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Avery Gates

Campus Tour

Join a Pitzer College campus tour with student guides Natalia and Stephen. Discover how students, faculty and staff live Pitzer’s innovative and inspiring core values: Social Responsibility; Environmental Sustainability; Intercultural Understanding; Interdisciplinary Learning and Student Engagement. Natalia and Stephen walk you through our campus from the LEED-certified residential halls to our academic programs such as media studies, Keck Science program and environmental analysis.

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